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To establish an adequate SEO of an e-commerce site, it is necessary to use different marketing techniques that allow retaining customers. Elements such as email marketing and the use of social networks are essential in this case.

Most common mistakes in eCommerce

Given that there are still many eCommerce owners who still do not resort to SEO optimization for their online stores, in today’s article, we will discuss some common mistakes that are made and that affect a better positioning of online stores.

Mistake No # 1: Failures in the description of the products

This aspect refers to incomplete information of the products or the absence of it and the originality of the same. When describing the products, they often copy and paste the manufacturer’s description, and it is a huge error, since it is immediately detected as plagiarism. In other cases, it is common to find the description box empty, which inevitably affects its positioning.
The content of the description must be unique, original, and exclusive. It is recommended that you hire the services of a professional who is in charge of making the descriptions, who use the keywords, and who provides valuable information to the buyer so that he can make the decision to buy. They should not be too long either, as they can be too tedious.

Mistake # 2: Few Reviews

According to statistics, approximately 70% of buyers analyze the reviews of the product they are interested in purchasing before making the purchase. So if you don’t have reviews, a very high percentage of your potential buyers are getting lost.
Companies like Amazon and other eCommerce giants have included the reviews section on their web pages so that buyers can express their opinion about their products, and in short, it is something you should imitate. Consider that the reviews are unique and original content, and it will not cost you anything. On the other hand, reviews allow search engines to find your products more easily.

Mistake # 3: Absence of keywords

The fact that you have an eCommerce does not mean that you should not use keywords. Rather, you should set long-tail keywords that allow search engines to find your products easily. Use the titles properly in the place where they correspond, heed these recommendations:
● Use model or product number in title tags and H1 headings
● Use the brand name in your title tags and H1 headings
● Fill in the information in the alternative text of the image
● Avoid repeating the keyword to fill in the description
● Don’t use iframes to display content
● Verify that the product exists on the page that corresponds to it

Error No # 4: Duplication of titles

A very common error of eCommerce is that they duplicate the title tags. Therefore you must create titles that are different from each other for each of your products. Without a doubt, it is quite complex when you market different items of the same brand or very similar to each other. However, you should focus on building unique key phrases.
One way to fix this is by using long-tail keywords. You could establish a formula that adapts to your products that is structured indicating a series of specific data. For example Brand-Model-Type of the item.

Mistake # 5: unfriendly URLs

It is essential for SEO that your products’ URLs are friendly, since they allow customers to know what to expect when they click on the URL. Those URLs that are full of numbers and symbols are very confusing and can look like spam.
It is necessary that the URL is optimized and contains the keyword of the page, the product information, and relevant words, to facilitate the recognition of users and search engine bots.

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