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Undoubtedly 2020 was a year of great advances for online retail. There was a major change in consumers’ buying habits. Many brands are reinventing themselves to respond to more conscious and collaborative consumption trends.
Read on to learn how to shape the new economy’s consumer experience, using technology and creativity to offer a happy experience with your brand!

Changes in the e-commerce shopping experience

Despite the uncertainties about the future, it is necessary to strive to create real solutions to the challenges facing retailers, using strategies that bring your brand closer to your audience.

E-commerce grew exponentially during the pandemic period, and with that, competition also increased. In this scenario, there are stores that invest in strategies that give priority to the consumer experience, from humanized communication to agility in delivery.

New way of thinking for consumers

The pandemic aroused in consumers a spirit of community and localism, which values local production and pays attention to what is behind the production of goods. Valuing brands that create solutions to generate positive social and environmental impact with ethics and transparency.
People are looking for equality and, therefore, the social commitment of brands will no longer be just a concept of marketing, but will become something genuine and fundamental for business strategy.

This change in behavior is seen in audiences who no longer want to buy only what is in fashion but opt for used and second-hand pieces. And so companies have been reinventing themselves, monetizing after-sales with repair and recycling services.

A study on consumer behavior, carried out by WGSN, showed the priorities of consumers when deciding to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories.
The study makes it clear that “value” is no longer just about price and reinforces the trend that shows a path towards more inclusive, sustainable, transparent, and open to dialogue brands.

What does your e-commerce have to do with sustainability?
Among so many options to draw the consumer’s attention, many ask themselves which is the best option: discount? free shipping? cashback? loyalty programs?

Anyway, the answer will always be “it depends.” We often think that the consumer wants something, but then we realize that he can change his behavior. In this case, the best thing is to give options, after all those who want to save, go for the discount, and those who want quality and safety focus on other details.

It is clear that all the strategies mentioned above are important, but we must agree that they are not such competitive differentials. Why should a person buy in your e-commerce and not with a competitor that sells the same product at the same discount?

The growth of companies shows the importance of betting on a way of doing business that is capable of accelerating the positive transformations that the world needs. Having a responsible positioning generates engagement, connection and inspires your customers.

5 tips for your e-commerce to adapt to the new normal:

1. Humanize service on all channels! Especially Whatsapp and social networks, in which consumers seek to chat with brands and not just receive ready responses.
2. Consider including repair and resale in the long-term business model. Offer materials step by step and show your customer how to assemble, customize and repair products.
3. Rethink your brand communication, ensuring they are inclusive.
4. Foster solidarity – several brands are engaging and entertaining consumers through new online experiences that enhance the building of community ties. A great example is the Buy and Donate Movement.
5. Analyze your environmental impact – from design to manufacture, until the end of the product’s life – invest in packaging that reassures the impact of the consumer.

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