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Online shopping has grown a lot in recent weeks. Some segments, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and pet shops, had a real explosion in sales over the internet. But the increase did not occur only among buyers, the number of virtual stores that are emerging is also gigantic.
If there was still any doubt that online commerce is here to stay, COVID-19 has clarified this for the entire world. With the quarantine forcing physical stores to close, many companies look to e-commerce for a way out to make money.
See 5 easy and proven tips so that this opportunity does not become a problem for your company.

1 – Invest in an attractive showcase

If customers look for beautiful showcases in the physical world, with great lighting and product presentation, online is no different. Without being able to have contact with the product, the challenge of selling is even greater, so it is very important to have great photos and, if possible, a video of the product. In addition, whenever possible, insert more than one photo for the same product. If the buyer can see the details of the product, he will have more confidence in the purchase, which generates a higher conversion rate in sales.

2 – Description of products

These are small details that will make your customer buy or go to the competitor, so give as much information as possible about the product. Inform the fabric, size, color, voltage, raw material, everything you would like to see about a product you want to buy. Therefore, in addition to making your customer more confident about the decision, it will make you have fewer exchanges and returns of products.

3 – Tell who you are with, and I will tell you who you are

Choose your partners well so as not to be embarrassed when selling online. Research and sign good contracts to be sure of the quality of service provision. Remember that it is the details that make the customer choose between you and your competitor, after all, he is just a click away.
Which partners you need to pay attention to when hiring:
● E-commerce platform
● Anti-fraud system
● Payment systems
● Logistic operator
Do not think that once the purchase has been made your problems are over, you need to ensure that the whole process is perfect until you arrive at the customer’s home (and even the exchange, if necessary).

4 – Do not try to deceive the customer

Before buying a product on your e-commerce, the customer will check your reputation, so always be as transparent and honest as possible. If you have a problem with a sale, call the customer, talk, and try to minimize the impact, after all, problems happen.

5 – Facilitate exchanges

It is proven, online consumers decide for e-commerce if it has an easy exchange policy. There is no point in hiding your e-commerce contacts, if you want to sell more, it is essential to have an automated exchange system.
The customer does not want to call customer service and wait 48 hours to get an answer, so you can easily let them answer themselves. Through tools such as aftersale’s exchange solution, you allow your customer to make an exchange alone and with great chances of generating more revenue for your e-commerce.

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