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Opening e-commerce has been the option of many people today. The advantages that this type of enterprise brings and the lesser bureaucracy – compared to a physical store – are really great. However, after everything is ready, how to launch a virtual store? After all, there is no point in preparing a beautiful website with quality products, but not having someone to buy it.
In order to attract consumers to launch your e-commerce, you will need the following tips!

Make sure the site is suitable

You know that phrase “the first impression is what remains?”, Take it very seriously at that moment. Starting something new that is already ugly, with so much competition, can have negative consequences. So, first of all, make sure your website is ready to receive everyone.
The tips at this point are the fundamental ones to offer a good shopping experience. It is important to have a good platform, which loads pages and images quickly. If you get high traffic in those first few days, it has to endure all visits without fail.
Also, take a look at the organization of the menu, the description of the products, the form of payment, the security of the site, and the ease of use for mobile. If you notice flaws, the best attitude is to postpone the online store’s launch to fix them first.

Have the pages on social networks

After everything is well checked, now you can go for the disclosure. One of the main steps is to open a social media page for the brand. Facebook and Instagram are usually the choices of the majority, since they are the networks most accessed by users. However, this will depend on the type of product your store offers and the audience it wants to reach.
Thus, discover the best practices and characteristics of each social network. For example, according to research, Instagram has been the network of choice among young people. So, if the goal is an audience made up of Millennials or Generation Z, being on that platform is essential.
Following this is recommended, as people will be curious to find out more about the brand and then go after information, to feel safe. As it is a new store, it is essential to give confidence in the first contact.

Install Google Analytics

This Google tool has several advantages for a merchant, allowing to analyze the performance of all the entrance channels of the website (such as Google Ads, organic traffic, social networks). A metrics report shows which of the sources had the best result and which needs to be optimized.
It also allows the setting of goals, which makes it even more practical to control the results, with the measurement of conversion rates. In addition, in e-commerce, the tool makes it possible to view reports that show the number of sales, revenue, average ticket, etc., all this feedback is essential for you to implement constant improvements.

Make sponsored links

Getting customers through organic traffic, using SEO, is an excellent practice and should never be left out. However, especially when a brand is not yet known, it is interesting to adopt the other tactics that manage to attract the public more quickly – sponsored links are one of them.
They can be placed both on Google results and on social networks. In the first option, the website link is in the first search results, when the user types a keyword defined by you. In the second alternative, they appear in the form of advertisements, while a person browses Facebook or Instagram.
Although you need to invest a financial amount, there are several advantages. One of the main ones is to make the new store better known and have a faster conversion return. In addition, it is possible to start the campaign with few resources and increase the financial investment little by little.
Another interesting benefit is that the ads are made by segmentation, so, on social networks, they only appear to that audience that you intend to reach.

Adopt attractive strategies

If you want to do well when launching an online store, your brand needs to become known and build trust among hundreds of others that already exist. So, think of strategies that make people interested in buying from someone new.
For example, promotional prices in the first week can be a good way to get attention. Put that information in the ads generated so that everyone knows that they can pay cheaper.
Offering free gifts, discounted coupons, or free shipping also usually works. The important thing is to make the consumer feel that he is having an advantage in this purchase. The risk, for him, of buying from someone newcomer, needs to be worth it.
Don’t forget the mental triggers yet. They are ways to make people decide to purchase using a more emotional perspective. When talking about promotional prices, for example, mention that they are only valid for “X” days, and she better takes the chance right away.

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